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Ramadan Food Parcels

This Ramadan Food Parcels will be distributed in eight countries across three continents

Feed Syria

Support the unfortunate refugees of Syria. We will be providing rice to the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan & also into Syria

Support Syria

Support these defenseless poor humans displaced by war, to meet the most basic needs of shelter, food & security

Hot Meals – Lesvos (Greece)

Providing hot meals to refugees stranded on the island of Lesvos, Greece during the month of Ramadan

Emergency Rohingya

Help the most persecuted people in the world. Urgent response to the devastating situation in Burma. Distributing emergency aid to victims and displaced families

Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsor an Orphan

West Bengal Project

Abdullah Aid is committed to a comprehensive & sustained effort towards housing & empowering the most poorest of West Bengal in enabling themselves to self support their families, current and future generations

donate Quran

Provide free copies of the Quran translation in English

100% Donation Policy

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