Calais, France - Jungle Camp Visit 17/10/15

We had a 30 plus  volunteers that joined us on this trip to Calais to aid the refugees from all countries and all walks of life. Thanks to the general public we had well over 50,000 products to distribute.

Our volunteers worked very hard to make sure all items were packed, transported and distributed without it being damaged, so as it was donated it was delivered.

On this occasion we can confirm that over 1000 people received aid through your donations and we are hopeful that you will continue supporting us in making a difference.

Please pray for the volunteers that helped us & travelled with us at their own expense.

Calais, France - Jungle Camp Visit 28/11/15

Thanks to all donations we have managed to make 500 Food packs, purchased 1000 new Blankets, 500 Wellington boots, 250 Umbrellas and we are in the process of making 1000 packs containing Long Johns, Woolly Hats, Gloves, Socks and Snood Neck Warmers.