Donate Quran – Dawah project

We aim to promote the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah (the way of life of Muslims on the basis of teachings and practices of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH) and tolerance in order to achieve peace and co-existence among all races.

Abdullah Aid will be collecting funds on behalf of Donate Quran so they can:

  • provide free copies of the Quran translation in English
  • providing free copies of the Quran translation to Mosques, Community Centres, Dawah Centres, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Prisons, Libraries & Homes.
  • Their target is to distribute millions of copies worldwide. This is the Holy Book from Allah and there is no limit on how many copies will be distributed
  • They need your help in spreading the word of Allah to the masses, so that people can understand the Quran in their own languages

For your free copy visit us at Abdullah Aid, 81 Upton Lane London E7 9PB. We encourage a donation of £3.50 per Quran to help Donate Quran print more copies to distribute around the world.