The Story Behind The Name – ABDULLAH AID


On 27th October 2014, My beloved son Abdullah entered this world, Alhamdulillah. Like any other parent, I was filled with hope and dreams for his future. However, by the time he was three months old, we noticed he wasn’t bearing weight on his legs or lifting his head on his own. Concerned, we sought medical advice and were referred to various paediatricians and specialists. The waiting period felt endless, and while we tried to stay positive, it was clear that something was not right.


As Abdullah grew older, his symptoms became more pronounced. He was diagnosed with hypotonia, and further tests were scheduled, including MRI scans and various other tests. The initial results were inconclusive, but we were eventually referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. There, a neuromuscular specialist confirmed our worst fears: Abdullah had SMA Type 1, a severe and life-limiting condition with no known cure.


The news was devastating. We were told that Abdullah would never walk, crawl, sit, or hold his head up. He would gradually lose the ability to swallow and breathe. The shock and heartbreak were indescribable. Despite our grief, we resolved to do everything in our power to support him. We explored treatment options but found that his condition made travel risky.


At nearly seven months old, Abdullah was hospitalised with pneumonia. Watching our son struggle to breathe and require intensive care was a harrowing experience. Despite his challenges, Abdullah showed remarkable resilience. He fought through infections and hospital admissions, always with a smile that belied his suffering.


Caring for Abdullah was a profound lesson in patience, gratitude, and the fragility of life. He required constant care and medical support, but his presence brought immeasurable joy and strength to me. I began to pray more regularly and give more charity, finding solace in my faith and community.


On 5th December 2015, Abdullah's fight came to an end. He returned to his Creator, leaving a legacy of love, resilience, and compassion. Abdullah is now in the care of Allah’s friend Ibrahim A.S., enjoying the gardens of Jannah.


In these challenging moments, when life seemed empty, bleak, and heartbreaking, I found myself asking why?  Why did Allah choose me to endure this? Why was I put through such a difficult test? During this time of immense pain, my only hope was to turn to Allah and seek solace in my spiritual connection with my Creator, Allah SWT.

I realised that life is truly short. I began to reflect on my actions and asked myself: What have I done to please my Creator? How have I worked towards my paradise? Allah, who has given me life and showered me with blessings, deserves my utmost gratitude and appreciation. In my sorrow, I found a renewed sense of purpose to show my thankfulness and to strive to live a life that honours His gifts.


Abdullah’s story is a testament to the power of faith, the importance of community, and the enduring impact of compassion. Through Abdullah Aid, we strive to honour his memory by making a positive difference in the lives of others. Please keep Abdullah in your prayers and remember…


Appreciate life, help others, give in charity and most of all remember that Allah has a greater plan behind your difficulties, challenges, and any loss you may face.


Always trust in the plan of Allah.


Allah sent me a son who was so precious so close to me and in a blink of an eye took him back only to replace him with something else meaningful and rewarding.


His life was like a quick beautiful dream which I will forever cherish until I meet him again in Jannah Insha’Allah.


Shakil Malji

CEO & Founder of Abdullah Aid