Medical & Disability Support

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Disability Bike
General £ 250.00
General £ 125.00
Medical and Disability support projects is a chance for us to support individuals who are suffering from illnesses, ailments or require urgent medical care.

Thousands of individuals especially in rural villages cannot afford or do not have access to medical care. Many live their lives with serious conditions, which they are unable to treat due to high costs.

Other individuals who suffer from disabilities are restricted in the activities they can do due to not having suitable aid.

Our medical and disability support project includes supporting families with the correct medical treatment as well as providing resources and aid to those most in need.

Disability Bikes are carried out in: Nigeria & Tanzania.

Wheelchairs are carried out in the following countries: Afghanistan, Jordan, Nigeria, Palestine, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania & Yemen.

Any additional funds will be used towards our Medical & Disability Support project.

For more information on the Medical & Disability Support project, please contact the office.