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General £ 2500.00

Provide a family with a Home

Families across the world are living in extremely poor and unhygienic conditions due to poverty or having to flee their lands.

Our objective is to repair or construct shelter homes which will protect families against the rain during monsoon seasons, provide cover from extreme temperatures and give them a place they can call 'home.'

Shelter a Family from £2,500

Personalised feedback will be provided on donations of full shelter homes.

Please use the comments box to provide details for the plaque in one of the following ways:

  • Donated By: [NAME]
  • Sadaqah Jaariyah for: [NAME]
  • Esaale Thawab for: [NAME]
  • On behalf of: [NAME]

Some plaque details may be shortened (For donations without plaque details, the donors name will be used)

  • Shelter homes will be constructed across the following countries: Indonesia, The Gambia & Yemen
  • Completion time for a shelter home is approximately 8-10 months from time of donation

Abdullah Aid will allocate the funds towards the most needy country.

Any additional funds will be used towards our Shelter projects.

For more information on the Shelter projects, please contact our office