Sponsorship Programmes

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Hifz Sponsorship
The Gambia £ 300.00
Yemen £ 300.00
Hifz Sponsorship (Boarding)
Tanzania £ 480.00
Imaam Sponsorship
General £ 600.00
Orphan Sponsorship
Lebanon £ 420.00
The Gambia £ 420.00
Widow Sponsorship
General £ 600.00

Improve a child's living

Prior to the Islamic era, the orphan was an often overlooked or ignored member of society. When the light of Islam dawned, Allah ï·» elevated the status of this helpless individual.

Unfortunately, orphans across the world are deprived of basic essentials due to the lack of financial support.

Our Orphan sponsorship helps to support the education and living cost of the orphans and their families. 

Hifz sponsorship programme is aimed at supporting students from a poor background. Abdullah Aid pay towards the sponsorship fees and supporting the students

  • Orphans Gambia - Starts November 2024
  • Syrian Orphans in Lebanon - Starts May 2024
  • Orphans Yemen - Starts September 2024
  • Hifz Gambia - Starts May 2024
  • Hifz Tanzania - Starts May 2024 
  • Hifz Yemen - Starts July 2024

To set up monthly donations towards our sponsorship programme, please contact the office.

Any additional funds will be used towards our sponsorship programmes.

Please contact our office for more information on the sponsorship programme.