West Bengal Project 2016

In April & September of 2016, Teams from Abdullah Aid visited West Bengal, which is a state in eastern India. There are numerous families living in villages who are in need of basic necessities and living in very very poor conditions.

On a day to day basis the struggle for food, water and shelter is increasing as families are growing. Children and women walk for miles to collect clean water.

Men struggle to provide for their families due to no source of income.

Abdullah Aid with the help of your generous donations were able to implement multiple projects:

Build a home project. (cost per home built £1400)

Water pump project. (cost per each water pump £200)

Empowerment project. provided much needed tools to enable these poor families of West Bengal to be able to generate their own incomes

Iftaar packs/food (3 months food supply for a family cost £60)


Please open your hearts of generosity & help the poor people of West Bengal