Winter Warmth Project

As the cold chilly nights set in here in Britain, we are able to enjoy the warmth of our homes and clothing. There are people out there who are freezing in these cold winter months with no warm provisions or shelter.

The people of Syria are now once again going to witness a freezing cold with no access to the basic necessities. Children and woman are the most of vulnerable to these winter months.

The Rohingya will also be facing a winter, where the nights can be extremely cold

Abdullah Aid will be providing items such as blankets, scarves, gloves, hats, coats & rain jackets for these people. We cannot continue to see these people suffer on a daily basis. With your kind donations we can support these children and people.

Adult Winter Pack £25 each

Child Winter Pack £20 each

Please donate to this worthy cause so at least they can try have a warm night's sleep and try to forget about the horrendous times they are facing by day.